Sunflower Fields

Field of Dreams In Yellow…

Field of Dreams

A field of Sunflowers found in Northern Michigan where many such fields are grown; it must be the weather. What a happy farmer the owner must be. How can you look at a field of yellow Sunflowers without a smile on your face?

The card is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2..There is ample room inside for your personal message.

Envelope included $1.95 plus shipping

Sunflower Fields Notecard

Handmade by me on my home computer/printer.. 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 Envelope included $1.95 plus shipping Purchase any 6 notecards and receive 1 free (6+1=7)


By maryannetuck

The future is right ahead of me and new projects seem to beckon... Friends and memories of times past remain with me today. I love to share my stories along with comments and opinions (of course) of today's challenges. Photography is my hobby and opportunities to capture the scenes before me are mine for the taking. Born and raised in Michigan, the peaceful woods and wildlife trails have always attracted me. Graduating from high school in the early fifties, college was of no interest to me. I have learned one important fact about life; whover decided when a person becomes "old"...didn't know what they were talking about...My theory is; you're as old as you think you are....(I'm thinking about it..haven't decided yet.)

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